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We know that our vehicles don't always run the way they are supposed to. Sometimes our engine stalls or won't start at all. Sometimes the engine burps and belches out clouds of smoke. Regal Auto Care's ASE Certified technicians can diagnose whatever bad behavior you might be experiencing with your vehicle. When it comes to expert auto repair in Auburn, WA we're can't be beat! We have the latest diagnostic tools and we know how to use them! We can expertly diagnose, and then professionally repair whatever it is that is making your car act up. Choose Regal Auto Care for your every auto repair need.


Are you experiencing a clattering, squealing, or even a loud or obnoxious noise coming from your vehicle? We can troubleshoot the problem and fix it before it becomes a bigger repair expense. It may be a belt problem or maybe your brakes, there are a lot of systems on a your car or truck that can become loose or wear out. Whatever the problem, you can trust your automotive repairs, service and maintenance to Regal Auto Care. We are experts at finding the source of that strange sound because our technicians are experts at it! Combined with our high-tech diagnostic system we can quickly fix it so that can be safely back on the road.


Is there a strange smell coming from your vehicle? Does it smell like gas or some other type of fume? Are you experiencing engine overheating? Regal Auto Care's ASE Certified technicians can troubleshoot these issues with our up-to-date diagnostic equipment! Fumes can be dangerous if inhaled and may also indicate a serious problem with your vehicle. Give us a call today so that we can find the problem and fix it right away!


Feel a "vibration" when you drive your vehicle? It could be your tires or something wrong with your vehicle's drive-line. An axle joint failure could make the shaft slip slightly and run out of center. This could create vibration as you drive down the highway. Vibrations are annoying but more importantly they can cause other unsafe problems. These problems may even reduce your gas mileage. Bring your car or truck to Regal Auto Care and let our experienced technicians diagnose the source of the problem. Whatever the problem, a bent axle, or out-of-balance wheels and tires, you can rely on Regal Auto Care to fix it right the first time.


Car won't start - or takes too long to start? Most vehicle electrical parts today require the correct voltage with a continuous circuit. Regal Auto Care's state-of-the-art diagnostic machines can pinpoint exactly where there might be a power issue on your vehicle. Maybe your automobile just needs a simple fuse, or perhaps a new battery. We don't just guess! Our ASE Certified technicians know how to troubleshoot vehicle problems and we have the experience and the most up-to-date training to keep your car or truck running properly.


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