March 10th, 2017

Fuel Injectors

Automobile manufacturers began using the fuel injection system in lieu of carburetors in the late 1980's. Typically, the fuel injection system consists of a single fuel injector per engine cylinder plus an electronic control unit, ECU.

Certain sensor functions are monitored by the ECU, including, how far the accelerator pedal has been pushed, how fast your engine is running and how much oxygen is in the exhaust system. The ECU then signals the injectors with important information, like, the timing of the proper amount of fuel that is to be injected into the combustion chamber of each cylinder to maintain top engine efficiency.

Fuel lines can become contaminated with moisture or dirt. Your vehicle's fuel filter can help to keep out the contaminants but they can become clogged. For proper engine efficiency, it is vital to have your fuel filter replaced when it becomes clogged. Our ASE Certified Technicians are experts at determining when your fuel filter needs to be replaced.

Sometimes fuel lines get moisture in them. In the winter this moisture can freeze, preventing your car from starting. By keeping your fuel tank filled during winter, and possibly even by using a fuel additive to the fuel tank, you can maintain the efficient flow of fuel in your vehicle, during winter and summer.

If your fuel injector gaskets leak, or injectors become clogged with carbon, your engine may begin to idle roughly. Clogged injectors or the improper amount of fuel in your engine's cylinders affects proper combustion.

Fuel system treatments or cleaners may be able to keep your injectors clear, but it is important to know how much, and how often to use these additives. Stop by our shop today and our ASE Certified Technicians can determine to source of your engine's troubles. We are engine experts and are dedicated to providing you and your family with safe and care-free driving.

Regal Auto Care can help!

Regal Auto Care's ASE Certified Technicians are experts in the diagnosis & repair of your fuel injection system. If you suspect that your engine is not running properly, give us a call. You can be confident that your vehicle will get professional repair maintenance and service at Regal Auto Care!

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