Your Catalytic Converter

March 10th, 2017

Expensive to Replace!

Your vehicle's catalytic converter reduces environmentally harmful emissions caused by the burning of fuel, by converting them into vapor and less toxic gases.

The converter removes hydrocarbons (HCs) and carbon monoxide (CO) from the exhaust of your engine's operation. If a sensor becomes dirty and causes your automobile engine to run too rich (you might smell a "rotten egg" (hydrogen sulfide) odor from your vehicle's exhaust), it overworks the catalytic converter and the converter can fail.

If your vehicle has a spark plug that misfires, this may also increase HC emissions causing a converter to operate beyond its normal temperature range, and causing it to fail. Catalytic converters can get very hot and stay hot long after your engine stops. (That's why it is not a good idea to park a car on top of combustible material!)

The Catalytic Converter is expensive to replace! Automobile owners can pay up to $1000 to replace a faulty converter. Replacing a sensor or a spark plug is far more affordable than a catalytic converter.

Regal Auto Care can help!

Our ASE Master-certified technicians are able to do expert inspection and diagnosis on your vehicle to make sure you save time and money. They are able to find and replace dirty sensors and faulty sparkplugs, as well as other possible problems, before they cause damage to your catalytic converter. Give us a call at 253-735-3363 to schedule an appointment, or come by and visit us at 1901 Auburn Way N. in Auburn, WA.

REGAL AUTO CARE can help with all of your auto repair needs.

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